Davis County Youth Hockey Association

2023-2024 Season Gear Rental


2023 - 2024 DCYHA Season Gear Rental

Hockey Player:

Season Gear Rental is $200, payable in full.    If the gear is returned in the condition you received it in, $125 will be refunded upon return.   All players renting gear will be able to keep their helmet at the end of the season.  Please complete the online rental form.  We will be coordinating a gear fitting as the season start approaches. 

**Please note:  If gear is returned early, the $125 refund will be provided in a timely manner, but no additional portion of the rental fee is refundable for early return.**


Hockey Goalie Gear Rental:

Season goalie gear rental is a one-time cost of $200 for the season.  When all the gear is returned back to DCYHA, you will receive a $150 refund for returning all the gear, including the helmet.  Please complete the online gear rental registration form.  We will coordinate gear fittings as the season approaches.

What's Included?

Rental equipment includes; helmetshoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, shin guards, and breezers(hockey shorts).  


Rental equipment does NOT include skates, or sticks.   Additionally, you need to provide a jockstrap for boys or a pelvic protector for girls.  For goalies, we do have goalie sticks included with the gear rental.  We do not offer any skate rentals.

Online Gear Rental Help

For help with completing the online forms, please contact:

Elizabeth O'Rourke

DCYHA Registrar

Phone: 12404166995

Questions about Gear Rental

For questions or additional information about renting gear for the regular season, please contact:

Mandie Rowell

Gear Manager